Thursday, December 19, 2013


When each of our children came into this world my one hope was for them to be healthy. 
Well- God took care of that. 
Then of course as they age our hopes change…

Honestly - I am just so thankful that our kids are all happy, healthy and have found their niche (well- the older two -we'll see what life brings Had).  

Ri is loving her dance class.   This week was parent observation week. 
Here she is….

Flag football comes to an end tonight or tomorrow night- depending on if they win tonight. 
Sadly most of the weekend games were changed to week  night games b/c of the rain so most of them I haven't been able to attend. 
But- we did give Had a late nap a couple of days ago and trucked her out to the football field. 
Man- am I glad we did.
Jack played so well.  The best I have ever seen from him.  
I think (but could be wrong) he had 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions (one for a touchdown) and several more big catches.  Several of these were diving catches- so fun to watch!  And this was all in the 1st half.  
His coach even sent me this email after the game: 

Hey there.  Not sure if you were there tonight for our game or not but Jack played an AWESOME game tonight.  I had to referee another game right after our game so I did not get a chance to talk to him individually.  Let him know that I said he played a great game.


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