Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thirteen Things

1.  Flag football started last week.   Jack loves it.  

2.  Games start this weekend after four or five practices.   

3.  He's been practicing a lot at home.  

4.  Last night at practice is was 39 degrees.  I sat in my car and watched.  Paa Paa had the girls. 

5.  Ri misses soccer.  She talks about it quite a bit.  

6.  This girl is on the move.  She will take 'two crawls' and fall down.   That doesn't stop her from moving all over the place.   

7.  I posted this on Instagram the other day.  Swish LOVES to get Had's dropsies.   He stalks her quite a bit when she eats. 

8.  Hello!  We had snow two nights ago.  So random.  It was in the low 60s during the day and by 7:30 that night it was snowing.  

9.  About 5-6 years ago Todd bought a ton of stone to build a small brick wall around an area on the side of the house.  He had too much stone so he dumped the extra in the woods behind our house.  

Last week the kids discovered it and - using the wagon - have slowly but surely retrieved it ALL to make their own brick wall behind the bushes on the driveway. 

And this sign: 
(Jack Evelyn Riley Addy Company)

The other side of this sign reads: 

They brought so much stone up from the woods that now they have an 'excess' pile behind the trash can.  

10.   So how stinking cute in this picture?  Nevermind it's fuzzy and was taken w/ my phone but oh my goodness.  
Love it. 

11.   Sisterly love.  Or not. 

12.  I am not kidding when I tell you she sat in that chair tonight with Jack and Riley like such a big girl.  She had this grin on her face that screamed "I got this Mom.  I am grown." 

:((- Stop it already Hadley.  Stay little.  

By the way- see the cheeks?  Delicious.  So big and juicy.  I can't stop kissing them! 

13.   Last week Riley had her friend Abby over.  The girls were obnoxious about having a sleepover and it just wasn't a good weekend.  Ri was so mad at me that she proceeded to tell me that Abby's mom is nicer than me and that their house is nicer than ours.  I didn't give it a second thought b/c I knew she was mad and honestly her whining about it wasn't going to change a thing. 

Then Jack piped in saying "You are being to mean to mom.  That's not nice."

Well then the tears started to flow.   And then she wrote this note to me: 

Busy weekend with a birthday party, flag football practice and a game and some much need time with our good friends Sunday afternoon!  I love this time of year.  


Until next time.... 

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