Friday, October 4, 2013


Sometimes I still am amazed that we have three kids. 
We are just about six months into this family of five thing and I still can't believe it. 
I have moments during the day - when it's just Hadley and I and I am staring at her - and I think to myself: 

How on Earth did I get so lucky?
How did WE get so lucky to have this beautiful little girl in our family?
How did Jack and Riley get so lucky to have a little sister to love on, to protect, to teach about life?

Truth is - I don't know. 
I don't know why we were blessed with Hadley Mae but man - I so glad. 
She completes us.  
Completes our little family. 

Jack and Riley are completely different with her.  

Riley - well she wants to be her mommy. 
She wants to feed her.  Push her stroller.  Help her roll back over when she's stuck.  
She would love to carry her around if I let her.  
I worry that Riley notices the attention that Hadley gets from me.  
I worry that she'll rebel one day b/c "mom and dad had a baby and forgot about me."
It's a fear of mine and I do my best to make sure she knows I have enough love for all of my children. 
I hope it's enough for her.  

I say things out loud to Hadley (in Ri's earshot) like: 
"Hadley - did you know Riley scored her first goal today in soccer?"
"Hadley- Riley is so excited to read you a book.  Listen carefully because she's a great reader!"
You get my drift... Hadley has no idea what I am saying but Riley sure does.  
I want her to know that she plays an important role in her sister's life. 

Jack- he's a different story?
Feed her?  No way.   Push her stroller?  Nope - he'd rather be on his bike.  
But man- that kids loves his baby sister like crazy.  
It's a true older brother protector type love. 
He's always concerned about how Hadley's doing. 
Questions like the following are normal for him: 

"How did she sleep last night?"
"What time did she wake up?"
"When will she get up from her nap?"
"Can you lay her down next to me so we can snuggle?"

He wants to be near her but not too close. 
He's wildly obsessed with NOT being close to her bodily functions. 
In fact- the other morning when Todd was out of town Hadley woke early and I had her w/ me when I woke the kids up. 
I walked in to Jack's room and sat on the edge of his bed to wake him up. 
He heard Hadley 'talking' and in his waking up voice said: 
"Lay her down next to me so I can see her before school.  But not too close mom in case she spits up." 
Typical Jack. 

Our family dynamic has changed. 
Our social lives are on hold for the time being. 
I'm exhausted all the time.
I need to lost more weight that I want to admit. 
But - I would not change a thing.
Not one. 

Until next time...

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