Sunday, October 6, 2013

Heat Wave

Mother Nature decided to give us a taste of summer again this weekend.  
Thank goodness Jack didn't have a baseball tournament.  
Riley did have a soccer game though.  It was sweaty hot. 

I brought the wrong lens for my camera so I didn't get any pics of Riley playing - 
but I did get a few pics of Miss Priss in her new stroller that Paa Paa got for her: 

Paa Paa and I were going to take the kids (Daddy spent a few days in Charleston w/ his buddies golfing) to a local corn maze, pumpkin patch type place but it was so hot we bailed. 
Instead we went to a roadside 'patch' that was actually pretty good.  
My mom took the big kids to the movies Saturday afternoon while Hadley and I chilled at home. 

We have missed Daddy and are glad to have him home today!

Until next time...

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