Monday, August 19, 2013

My Little Boom Boom at 4 Months

Our sweet princess, or now nicknamed Boom Boom, had her four month check up today.
And her big sister had her 7 year check up too. 

Hadley is tipping the scales at a rocking 17 lbs 9 oz - the 92%.
She's 24.5 inches - the 41%.  
Her head is big too - 41.3 cm - the 61%. 

Big sis Riley weighs in at 44.4 lbs - the 17%.
She's 3'10.5" tall - the 22%. 

Hopefully Boom Boom will even out one day just like her brother and sister. 

I did learn something new today.
According to our pediatrician kids aren't supposed to be getting rice cereal anymore - just oatmeal. 
Rice cereal is 'linked to obesity.'
And that oatmeal?  We shouldn't start that until at least 5 months - closer to 6 is better. 

And baby foods?  No rush for those either.
A few weeks after she starts that oatmeal we can try baby foods.


I guess those 4-5 times she's already had rice cereal and baby food are a wash. 

Both girls looked great. 
No worries at all expect to keep an 'eye' on Ri's vision.  
It wasn't quite the same as last years. 

Until next time...

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