Friday, August 16, 2013

Any Given Moment....

At any given moment in our TV room you can find one or more of the following: 

Jack putting into a green Solo cup that he's jammed under the couch. 
Ri doing back bends. 
Hadley sitting in her brand new exersaucer. 
Jack watching QuickPitch early in the A.M.
Me feeing Hadley a bottle in the recliner. 
Todd checking his email. 
A 'heated' game of Mancala between Ri and Todd or myself. 
Swisher napping. 
Me dozing on the couch. 
Todd fast asleep in his recliner late at night. 
Riley 'accidentally' getting in Jack's putting line with a cartwheel. 
Hadley lying on a blanket or two 'playing with toys.'
The entire family watching America's Got Talent (well - all of us except Had). 
Jack's iPod sitting on the chair - just an inch or so away from slipping between the cushions and being lost. 
Jack and Ri fighting.
Too many baby toys and contraptions lying around. 

When Ri was three years old we went to Martha's Vineyard.  We bought this cheap stroller for Ri to get through the airport faster. 
For some reason we still have it. 
Miss Priss #2 LOVES walking the 'hood in it. 
Gotta love a $15 stroller. 

See those tree trunks for legs?  

Until next time...

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