Monday, August 26, 2013

More Firsts

Well- today is the start of another school day!
I cannot believe my big 'babies' have started 1st and 4th grade. 
They are so grown up. 
Waking this AM was no problem at all.  They were both dead asleep by 8:00 last night. 
Ri wanted me to walk her in so I did. 
Jack- not so much. 

Ri has several good friends in her class.  
Two of her closest friends, in fact.  Plus lots of other kids she knows. 
She has a good teacher who is very excited about this school year. 

Jack has a great class filled with my friends kids who are all bright and well-behaved. 
That makes me happy. 
And according to Jack there are three other boys who 'play sports at recess' so he's happy.  He didn't have that last year.  
He's in the talented and gifted program for math and he's excited about that. 
Hopefully he can hang with the different curriculum!
We'll see. 

So it's just me and Miss Priss. 
She's down for a nap now and fought me tooth and nail about it. 
She has forgotten how to suck her thumb so she's fighting me at times this last week during nap time. 
Nighttime is no problem at all - just naptime. 

Hadley had her own 'first' yesterday.
She rolled over from her back to her tummy. 
Here she is right after the roll. 

She was so proud of herself. 
She's been close for a week or so now. 
I've had to turn her back over on her back sometimes when she's trying to fall asleep during naptime b/c she gets 'stuck.'  

Until next time...

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