Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Ri has been able to do a back bend for quite some time.  
She does them all over the house. 
But- she hasn't been able to get herself back up to a standing position - until now. 

She's super excited! 
Now she's working on a front walk over - she's getting close!

And the other night Hadley woke up around midnight and chatted to herself for 45 minutes or so. 
She started at the other end of the crib when I put her to bed and scooted herself down to the other end. 
I had to 'lovies' in the corner of her crib and she somehow scooted down far enough to grab one of them and play with it. 
Needless to say I snuck in her room, carefully grabbed it out of her hand and snuck back out. 
She chatted some more and fell back asleep for 6 more hours. 

Until next time....

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