Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day Three

 We're on day three of summer. 
Not too bad so far. 
**If you don't count the water balloon exploding near Masie's face on Tuesday **

The boys are up in Philly attending the US Open.  It was a last minute trip to watch our good friend Doug.  He qualified last week to play in the Open so the boys decided to fly up, stay with family and see some golf. 

The girls and I took a day trip down to Columbia yesterday.  We spent some time w/ my dear friend Rachel and two of her four kiddos and then popped in to see my college friend Kelley at her brand new Chick-fil-A store. 

Paa Paa just got here and took Ri swimming for the afternoon - or until our severe weather hits!   Ri loves when Paa Paa comes b/c she gets LOTS of attention.   
Gammy and Poppy come on Sunday for Father's Day and more US Open golf!

One more week and then we start our big travels for the summer. 

Bunny ears for Mae!

Ri feeding Mae - look at that smile!

Tankalicious slept from 7:30 p.m. to 7:45 a.m.  last night- waking only once at 2:45 to eat!   Best night yet. 

Ri's fish died today :( -  She cried her little heart out when we noticed him lying on the bottom of her tank.   My mom and her buried him in the yard this afternoon. 

She wanted to me to take a picture of her and her fish when she was sad.  That's definitely a sad face. 

I told Todd to make sure he texts me pics while he's gone so I can document the memories for Jack.
This is the first pic he texted me... go figure. 

Can't go to Philly and not eat a Cheesesteak.  But Jack hates cheese on his steak sandwiches so I guess his is just a steak sandwich. 
The boys texted me this pic and I smiled, thinking to myself - YEAH- the did something historical while in Philly.  Come to find out the line to see the Liberty Bell was really long so they just snapped this pic and texted it to me so I would think they went!  Funny boys.

The boys all set and ready to go this AM.   The weather is horrible and they had a 3 1/2 hour delay but it looks like they're playing golf now so at least they'll get to watch some.

Until next time...

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