Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 28

Two weeks away from being in the single digits for weeks left!
Each weeks goes by quicker and quicker. 
Before we know it we'll be a family of FIVE! 
Hadley weighs about 2 1/2 pounds now and is moving all day long - especially at night when I am ready to sleep.  
I finally had enough of the heartburn and talked to a nurse last week.
She recommended I take Prilosec (it's over the counter now) and it immediately gave me relief.  One little pill a day and I have virtually no heartburn right now. 
I am not sure how long I can stay on it or if the heartburn will return but for now I am happy!  
And- I passed my three hour glucose test so no gestational diabetes! 
Thank Goodness. 
Other than being fairly tired (what's new) I am feeling fine. 
I am anxious for Hadley to be here. 

Riley and I went down to Columbia yesterday to see Paa Paa for our birthdays and to have lunch w/ some old high school friends and a friend I used to work with (who just happens to be friends with a girl I went to high school with). 
We enjoyed a yummy lunch and it was so incredibly nice to see so many of my oldie but goodie friends - even just for a couple hours. 
In three and a half weeks I get to spend an entire weekend with five of my closest college friends!  They are all coming to CLT to hang out and help celebrate Baby Milligan!  
I feel so lucky so be surrounded by so many incredible ladies that I call my friends.  

One of my dearest friends made this beautiful blanket for Miss Priss #2.   It's the 1st item I have with her name on it.  
It is starting to seem very real. 
As we've started to get Hadley's room ready (Todd painted this past weekend) and go through all of the things people have handed down to us Riley has been ALL OVER everything. 
It's super cute. 
She slept with this blanket last night and is sleeping with it again tonight. 
I love that she's already connecting with her sister. 
Jack has big plans to give Hadley massages and rub lotion on her legs (just like I did to him when he was tiny).   He plans on this being 'his time' with his sister and wants to be left alone while he gives her 'massagers.'  
Works for me.  

Until next time...

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