Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jumpin' Jack

Apparently Jack loves to jump rope and is pretty good at it.
He beat his entire class in a jump rope contest this week at school.
And then he proceeded to 'beat' the PE teacher in a one on one contest in front of the class.
Who knows if she 'let him win' but regardless - he thinks he won and the class cheered him on.
He came home from school and dug out Ri's jump rope and jumped his way down the street and back- panting as he jumped back down the driveway.

He woke up yesterday AM complaining of his calves hurting so bad!
Welcome to the world of being sore from exercising. 

While on the subject of bragging about my 1st born, report cards came home yesterday.
Our kids get them every 6 weeks.
The 1st 6 weeks Jack had two A's and two B's.  The B's were one point from an A and were because of his silly mistakes. 
His 2nd report card he had three A's and one B - again a 92 in Social Studies (one point from an A) because of careless mistakes. 
Needless to say I was frustrated because it didn't reflect his knowledge of the subject area.  

Well- this time he must have learned his lesson in checking his work.  
He had straight A's.  
Three 97's and a 95 in Science.
WOHOOO!  I am so proud of him.  He's an A student and finally, finally - half way through the year he made all A's.  His mid year cumulative grades are straight A's and I could not be prouder. 
His teacher is really tough and grades very hard.  It took some time for Jack (and me) to get used to her but I am thankful she pushes him to do his best and won't back down. 

He's going to be more than prepared for 4th grade and beyond after having her. 

Way to go Jack.  Keep up the great work. 

Until next time....

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