Friday, January 25, 2013

Terrific Kid: Determination

Jack was chosen by his teacher as the Terrific Kid for the month of January for his class.
The character trait this month is determination.

Here is what she wrote about Jack: 

"Jack is an excellent example of the characteristic of determination.  He completes all homework and class work on time and completely.  When faced with a difficult task he doesn't give up.  He works hard at completing difficult tasks and often helps others work their way through such tasks.   Jack encourages others to do their best and works well with his peers.  Thank you for being such a great example to others around you."

Wow- brings a tear to my eye.  I guess Todd and I are doing something right with our first born.

Congratulations Jack.  I am so proud of you.   Words cannot describe how much I love you and I hope you continue with these character traits the rest of your life.

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