Thursday, December 13, 2012

Down for the Count

Our house has been a germ fest this week.
Riley has only been in school for two hours - and that was on Wednesday.
She's not going back until next week.
I finally took her to the DR this AM b/c she had a fever again yesterday w/ lots of snot, coughing and headaches. 
She tested negative for the flu, strep and ear infections.
She most likely has a sinus infection and a viral cold that's going around. 
So- we've been hanging around the house, a lot, watching lots of cartoons, 'resting' and she even squeezed in two naps.  I am not a fan of the naps because she will not go to sleep at night - even when sick. 
To top it all off - Todd's been home sick yesterday and today as well. 
That never happens.

So Jack and I are keeping our fingers crossed that we stay healthy.

Until next time...

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