Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When it's just Ri and I hanging out she's a joy to be around. 
But put her brother in the mix and it's craziness around here. 
They have been at each other's throats lately.
Drives me C.R.A.Z.Y.
Thank God they are both in camp this week.
Speaking of camp- they LOVE Camp Whip Poor Will.
It's Jack's 3rd year and he still loves it.
It's Riley's 1st year and she will definitely be going back next year. 

Although tonight when we were at dinner Swisher pulled a big zip-loc bag off the dining room table that was filled w/ Ri's trinkets from this week.
He ate a wood snake that she painted.
She was devastated. 
I hope they have another one for her to paint tomorrow. 

Sweet Riley and I hung out this afternoon while the boys golfed. 
She makes the funniest faces.
I love the shots of her feet and hands- I need to do more of those.
Just so I can remember how innocent and sweet those hands are....

Until next time...

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