Sunday, July 22, 2012


I haven't taken out my camera since we returned home from Alabama so I went to the vault instead. 
These pics are all from several years ago.
Especially the 1st one.
Jack tried soccer for one quick little season at the Y.
He hated it.
Ri never tried it so we'll never know if she likes it. 
Works for me. 

Since turning six Riley officially thinks she's a teenager.
She's always acted older, in terms of responsibility and taking care of things, but she really thinks she's older now.
And she is a crazy back-seat driver.
Saying things like:
"Mom- why are you slowing down?"
"Turn now Mom!"
"Did you lock your door Mom?"
"How fast are you going Mom?"
For real- it happens every time we get into the car. 

Jack still sleeps with his Dee. 
And his Yankee pillow.
And his fuzzy blanket.
Gammy just made the kids new throw blankets and they are so comfy I want one for myself. 

Jack and Todd are playing in the annual Father/Son Golf Tournament next Saturday.
Last year they placed 3rd in the 10 and under age group.
We'll see how they do this year. 
I love these pics of my sweet boy playing golf- he's a natural. 
I miss the days when he wouldn't mind dressing in a colored shirt and khaki's. 

Speaking of a colored shirt and khaki's....
I joked last night that Jack's way of dressing up now means he puts on his Nike black socks instead of his Target black socks. 
No more khakis for him I'm afraid.
Our back to school shopping will be at one store: Dick's.
Oh well- every one of Jack's friends wears exercise clothes to school - guess it's just they way they dress these days.
Makes me crazy but I'm sure some of the crap I wore growing up drove my mom crazy. 

How funny is the pic below?  
What a little tank she was.
Man- I miss those chunky monkey arms. 
It's probably safe to say she doesn't weigh much more now than she did in that picture- she's just quite a bit taller.
Not sure if she even hits 40 lbs yet.  
Her 6 year well visit is in August. 
We'll find out then. 

Ri sleeps with random stuff.
Sometimes it's her pinkie (silky blanket from Target she's had for years.)
Sometime's it's her Raffe (that stuffed giraffe she's also had for years).
Sometime's it's her Bubbie (a pillow case she chews on).
Sometimes it a book or two. 
Sometimes it's a baby.
Sometime's it's her Kody Bear pillow. 
Sometimes it's nothing.
She's not crazy attached to any of the above - she just wants one of them. 

Tomorrow is gymnastics sign up day.
Ri is taking tumbling this year. 
She is really excited.
I am going to put her in a tennis clinic as well. 
We'll see about softball for the fall. 
She wants to do it but I'd rather her play tennis. 

Looking at the pic below I realize that NOTHING has changed about Miss Priss.
She still is OCD about shoes- crazy obsessed.
She still carries purses of some sort around.
And she loves putting stuff in her hair.
There you have it: shoes, hair and purses.
What a girl.

And there's Raffe.
She USED to be crazy about him.
Not so much anymore. 
She is obsessed with playing office though.
Right behind our desk- where I do most of my PTO work- she has her office set up.
It's filled with pens, paper, notebooks, bags, tape and various other junk.
It's so adorable.
Maybe she'll be a teacher one day.
It would not surprise me in the least. 

Whew- Until next time...

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