Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Phone Dump

Jack and I are headed out to Alabama in the AM.
He's excited.
I wish it wasn't 8 1/2 hours away.
I'm thankful we're carpooling with another mom and her son.
God - that would be a LOOONG trip in the car with just Jack and I. 
I FaceTimed with Ri last night and tonight.
Thanks God for cell phone technology.
She's doing fabulous and having so much fun with her grandparents and cousins. 

Speaking of cell phone technology...
I wonder how many people just use their phone cameras nowadays?
A cell phone takes a decent picture- not good enough for me - but decent enough.
I just deleted about 50 pics off my phone and still have about 200. 
Here's some recent ones:

Jacks' official All-Star jersey.  A parent from the team wanted to see them and was out of town - I texted a pic.  Jack chose his number after Nick Swisher on the Yankees- shocking. 

The Weddington All-Star team hosted us for dinner and a scrimmage a few weeks back.  They made a nice donation to Drew's family and made this cool sign.  Speaking of Drew- he starts radiation soon for his tumor and should be good to go by late August!

Jack's baseball buddies Harrison and Jackson.  Harrison and Jack have become tight this summer.  Another great reason I love baseball-the friends we all make!

Ri and I went to see "Pinkalicious" a few weeks back.  Of course they sold cupcakes before the show.  She said they were gross.  Waste of $3.00.

Trying to take a pic of Ri in her new outfit and shoes she received for her bday.  I guess  she was in a mood. 

A fun video of Ri hula hooping on her new gymnastics mat. 

Birthday dinner at Nakatos!  She ate like a queen.

Homemade birthday cake from Gammy at the beach.  

Me texting a picture of "Rushes"- to Jack's coach.  Rushes is the best fast food burger joint in Columbia.  Jack's coach is from Columbia as well so I knew he would appreciate the text. 

Reunited!  Surprising Jack at Pizza Hut.  He played for the state championship that night and we didn't want to miss it. 

Getting his trophy from his coach for 2nd place in the state. 

Yikes- this is what happens when you take a cell phone pic at dusk with the flash on!  Waiting for fireworks to start. 


More fireworks.

Ri fell asleep on the boat again!  She's done this before- on the ride home from the island.  She was passed out cold. 

Another pic of my girls snoozing. 

Jack and his buddy Carson, with matching SC hats. thinking they're cool with Nerf guns early in the AM.

Until next time...

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