Thursday, July 12, 2012


If I were to write a bucket list, visiting Andalusia, Alabama wouldn't even come close to making it. 
But- watching my son play in the 8U SE Regional with 11 other great kids would be on that bucket list. 
The boys are having a blast. 
We'd been in 'Bama for no more than 12 minutes before they dove into the hotel pool yesterday.

We played one game today.  Two tomorrow and at least one Saturday.
We lost today.
It was heartbreaking.
We lost to a team from FL who successfully bunted 10 or so times.
Our area of Cal Ripken does not allow bunting during All-Stars.
Guess who's area does?
So these knuckleheads have been bunting all summer and our team?  Zero.

Jack bunted today- the only one on the team to bunt.  
I shall say he's never, ever bunted before- not even in practice.  He did great. 
But- he couldn't beat out the throw.  
Not only can this team bunt like crazy but they know exactly what to do to defend the bunt.
And no- we haven't practiced that either.
The coaches did move Jack to 3rd base at the end of the game since he's fast- I guess thinking he could charge the ball quick.  
He didn't get the chance.  Once the BUNT-CRAZY team saw the changes we made they started to play long-ball again. 

Come to find out this FL team played a 2nd game today- beat a team from TN and didn't bunt one single time.
Looks like they scoped us out and knew we didn't know squat about bunting.

Oh well- a trip to Beef O'Brady's for lunch and Dairy Queen for dessert, followed by 5 plus hours of hotel pool swimming and topped off with a pizza party seemed to wash the memories of a loss away.

Jack is passed out cold right next to me in the bed.  
He's exhausted.
He took a quick shower earlier tonight before running around the hotel w/ some friends.
When he got out of the shower he looked up at me and said: 
"Mom- I'm having so much fun!"

That, my friends, makes it all worth it.

I miss my baby girl though.
Todd is driving back to the beach tomorrow to get her.  We'll be home late Saturday or Sunday- depending on how we play our last three games. 

Pool time!

Who knew a small rectangular pool with no frills could provide hours of entertainment?

Signing in to regionals!

LOVE this picture.  Hazen making Jack laugh!

What are they watching?

Harrison, Jack and Nicolas.  Great kids. 

Warming up on a soccer field....

We've had lots of rain here in 'Bama- the fields were in great shape - just very soft. 


Playing 3rd base for the 1st time in his life. 

Playing a VERY short 3rd base- trying to stop that darn bunt.

Until next time.

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