Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Phone Dump

Every couple of months I dump my phone pics onto my computer. 
It's always a crap shoot what I see.
Some are pics I have taken, others are not.

Here's a few of the latest batch.

Ri and Swisher- chilling on the front stairs. 

The kids and their cousins at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans game over spring break. 

A little range work for Jack. 

Ri and Emelia at the Charlotte Knights baseball game. 

A special after school treat of a root beer float. 

Ri, Caroline and Marlee - girls on her team.

Jack and his good buddy Carter at the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament a couple of weeks ago.  That's Rory in the background. 

Waiting for more autographs. 

Here's a couple of videos that were on my phone.  First time I've uploaded them through Blogger like this.  HOpe it works!

One more of Ri and Emelia, being silly.

Until next time...

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