Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 More Days

In five more days I will officially not have a preschooler!  
Three years of juggling a 9-1 schedule with volunteering at Jack's school and my PTO responsibilities are over!
Come September both kids will be in school from 7:15-2:00!  
A part of me WANTS to be sad.
I part of me SHOULD be sad.
But seriously?
I want to shout it from the rooftops.

Maybe it's because Riley is 5 1/2 weeks away from being six, which will most likely make her the oldest in her class.
Maybe it's because she's more than ready for kindergarten.
Maybe it's because I'm crazy enough to be PTO president next year and I'll NEED her to be in school for more than four hours in a day.  
 Maybe it's because she's super excited to be at school with her brother.

No matter what the reason is, she's going to kindergarten!  
I cannot wait. 
Ri played her last t-ball game ever on Saturday. She's moving up with the big girls in the fall.  No more t-ball!!

Ri's team.  She made some new friends and became a better softball player this season. 

Spring is quickly turning into summer here.
It's after 8:00 and still pretty light out. 

We have four tomato plants this year.
They are MASSIVE.
Tomatoes are already growing like weeds. 

See how big they are?

Yum.  I can't wait until they're ripe. 

We have a fairly large herb garden this spring.  Last weakend we made pesto and today I made taboulli (spelling?). We have enough parsley to feed an army.   

All-Star practice started last weekend.  Jack is so excited to be playing with some of his good friends again.  He thrives when he plays with boys that are all great players.  It's going to be a great summer. 

My long zoom lens, that I just bought, is not working right.  A trip to the photo repair shop tomorrow is on my list. 

Great job today in practice Jack.

Until next time...

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