Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Getting Hot in Here

So I've been trying to upload these pics for 24 hours.  
Blogger switched over to a new uploading system and apparently it has some kinks in the system.
I had quite a few more, inlacing Swish and his buddy Colt, but they just wouldn't upload. 
Oh well.

Summer is here.
Or so it seems. 
The weather is hot. Hovering near the high 80s all week.
I think we'll have to break out the frog tog this weekend at Jack's tournament. 

We busted out the trusty plastic buckets from Wal-Mart.
They're fabulous. 


Making his own whirlpool.

Loving her smile.

Um... Tarzan.

And another smile.

I would die for this kids abs.  It's ridiculous. 

Not sure what that look is for???

Until next time...

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