Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Nights

It's Sunday night.
Sunday nights are always bittersweet.
They bring an end to fun-filled weekends but also signal the reminder that Monday is just around the corner.
Monday's are another story.

We had another jam packed weekend.
Gammy and Poppy came up for a quick visit to see the kids games.
Of course it was jammed with baseball but that's our normal, and we like it. 
Ri had a great game and was proud to play in front her grandparents. 
Jack's team lost AGAIN - but he made some nice plays at shortstop.

Jack played in a tournament today.
We didn't win but Jack was lights-out at 2nd base. 
Nothing made it past him- in either game.  
He threw several players out from his knees and was awesome.  It was fun to watch.
His hitting is still to be desired but hopefully that will come with time - and with more strength. 
We found out he made the 8U All-Star team, this time he's a top ten pick, not a wild card choice. 
It's not 'official' for  a few more days so we haven't told him yet, but he has an inkling. 
It will be a wild and crazy ride this summer but we're looking forward to it. 

Ri getting ready to throw.  Look at her form.

 The kids ran around in the driveway w/ the water buckets and sprinklers today before playing with the neighbors.
These pics are from last year because apparently my camera only works these days when we're at a baseball field of some kind :))-
I should work on that. 

These are from a year ago:

Until next time...

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