Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall is Coming

Summer is coming to a close.
A cool breeze fills the air in the mornings.
I heard a rumor that it's going to dip into the 40's over night this weekend.

We are working furiously to have our yard restored after our redneck yard guy botched it.
Note to self: never hire cheap help on the yard; never works out.

The kids have been spending lots of time outside again, without sweating.
It's so nice.

The summer flowers have passed their prime.
It's time for mums and pansies soon.

This old digger (approaching 6 years old) still sees lots of use.
One of the best Christmas presents Jack ever received.

Spider webs are rampant right now.

Swish is just about full grown.
And getting a big hair cut today.
He's kinda shaggy.

Jack plays catch w/ the kid across the street as often as he can.
The kid's in 7th grade, plays lots of baseball and is about the most polite 7th grader I've ever known.
Jack loves tossing the ball around w/ him.

My boy is growing up on me.
He hates his curls.
I remind him the 'girls love the curls' and he tells them 'that's why I hate them.'
I guess he's in the throws of 'girls have cooties' stage.

Miss Priss loves her teacher, her class, her friends at school.
I need to work on her handwriting and letter forming.
It's painful to watch her write.
Another reason I'm glad she's not in kindergarten.
I think she'd be struggling...
Only time will tell.

Cheers to fall!
Until next time...

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