Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Party in the Books

In 6 short days our first born turns 8.
I feel ancient.
Although at times I feel like it was mere weeks ago that he joined our family.
And man- am I glad he did.
He is one tremendous kid.
A few years ago we stopped having big parties- instead having a few buddies over each year or hitting up a local swimming pool for some fun.
This year he wanted to have some buddies over to play.
And man- did they play.

For three hours eight boys- plus a 12 year old from across the street- played.
They played football.
And kickball.
And whiffle ball.
And basketball.
And wall ball.
And basketball.

You get the picture.

It was the perfect party - for Jack. Just what he wanted.
His good buddies over for some games and pizza and polished off w/ some NY Yankee cupcakes.
My camera was acting funny - so many of my pics wouldn't load and I forgot to take pics of the cupcakes (sorry Angela- send me some of yours).

But- here's a sampling.

One of Jack's buddies, another boy named Jack, has a little sister and the girls have also become friends. Ashley hung out with Ri during the party and the girls had a great time- despite the chaos of nine 8 year old boys.

Pizza, chips and cupcakes.
Not a healthy thing in sight :))-

Happy 'almost' birthday Jack.
You're real birthday will be spent in school and playing a baseball game- I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy it a few days early.

Until next time...

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Nikki said...

Happy birthday, Jack!

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