Wednesday, August 17, 2011


There's nothing like friends.
Old ones.
New ones.
Friends from school.
Friends from the neighborhood.
Friends from sports.
Friends from other friends.
Friends by default (via parents friendships).
Friends that live close.
Friends that live far away.
And friends that live in between.

We've spent lots of time with friends this summer.
Friends that meet the various criteria listed above.
Yesterday was a day for Friends from the Neighborhood and New friends.

Quite a few of them convened in our front yard and eventually ended up in our backyard on a gorgeous afternoon.
The little ones made us stew from sticks and other such thingies and the older ones played baseball, hide-n-seek and whatever else they could get themselves into.

Once agin Jack was outnumbered but he did have one boy his age here- another 7 year old baseball loving boy named Jack that just moved to the area and will be going to Antioch. They got along instantly. And he has a 5 year old sister doing TK this year who is JUST like Riley. (not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing).

Only 9 more days until school starts. Just enough time to play with friends.

(PS- I realized as I uploaded these pics that Riley is nowhere to be found. While the kids were all playing the ring hook game she was busying herself with the sandbox and I didn't get one pic of her).

Until next time...

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