Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Can't Forget

Lately the game of choice has been UNO.
Well- I shouldn't say 'the game of choice' b/c we don't play too many games around here.
Maybe one day - nowadays our games include catch, golf, etc...
One day we'll play Sorry, Hearts, etc..

But- thanks to Evelyn we now play LOTS of UNO. She taught Jack to play a few weeks ago at her house and he LOVED it. In fact he even plays it on the iPad.
And Ri loves it too- in fact she has won more games than me lately.

So after dinner tonight we sat down to play a game or two of UNO-
Ri has gotten used to winning so when I won the 1st game she was a bit miffed. (Gotta have more of those 'good sportsmanship' talks).
Jack won the 2nd game and Ri was even MORE miffed.
Then Todd came home and Jack popped up to go hang with him.
Ri wanted to play again.

So- Jack comes over to me and whispers:
"Mom- be easy on Ri and let her win. It'll make her feel good about herself!"

Jack is encouraging ME to be nice to his sister!

Maybe he should try some of those tricks on himself.

Until next time...

1 comment:

The Wife of a Fisherman said...

That is so cute-- What a sweet brother! I love to play UNO. It is such a fun game :)

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