Sunday, August 28, 2011


Changes are abound around here.
Nothing major.
It's just the season of change.

Summer is slowly leaving.
The humidity is dropping.
We can actually open our back doors in the morning and let a slightly cool breeze seep in.

Football is back on TV.
Before we know it chili will be cooking in the crock pot

Baseball has begun.
Assessments were yesterday and Jack did fine.
He's on the Braves this fall - his Coach seems nice and Jack should do great this season.

Gymnastics has started for Riley- she loves it and has been asking me since LAST Thursday when she goes back (Monday).
Tennis starts for both kids this Wednesday. Call me crazy but we're doing it. It's just a clinic and not that big of a deal but they both loved it over the summer so why not.

I'm loving my little part-time job.
It's super fulfilling and I am having a blast.
My Open House is this Tuesday and I can't wait.
Seven parties booked for September and I'm hoping for a couple more.

Until next time...

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