Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Silver Bullets

From June 11 through July 11 Jack's AllStar baseball team played in approximately 22 games (give or take a couple).
And had about 8 practices.
All in one month.
That's a lot of baseball.
The Bullets run came to an end Monday night. They were THISCLOSE to making it to the championship game but couldn't quite pull it off.

Jack had a blast.
He made new friends, reconnected with old friends and strengthened ones he already had.
Memories of the last month run rampant through his brain.
Three nights in a hotel room w/ 10 buddies swimming late into the night and room hopping watching baseball games- what more could a 7 year old kid ask for?
And when those memories stop running rampant he'll be able to sift through over 1000 pictures that yours truly took :))- ~~I need to make a photobook. Now. Before I forget.~~

Jack came off the bench the entire time in the state tournament this past weekend and he performed every time. Of course Todd and I would have liked him to play more - but we were prepared for him to sit some.
And he did.
But Jack had a positive attitude the entire time and he'd do it all over agin.

Needless to say he has one proud Mom and Dad.

~~Jack and his new buddy Sawyer. It's a shame he's moving to Indiana this summer. We will miss him!~~

Until next season...

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