Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Kid

Loves hamburgers and can polish a whole one off easily.
Finished off 1st grade last week and is now officially a 2nd grader.
Wakes up and walks downstairs and turns on QuickPitch - an ESPN show about baseball.
Needs to sleep later.
Ate mac-n-cheese for the first time since toddlerhood recently.
Wants me to make more mac-n-cheese, but only if it's from a box, and Kraft.
Is going to a Yankee game in late July.
Is obsessed with wearing Under Armour and high black socks.
Could possibly turn into a fish this summer.
Love his family.
Makes me proud.

Until next time...

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The Wife of a Fisherman said...

Hey! I just saw your post on Ryans newsfeed. I kept wondering if I was going to run into you guys while I was at the beach. We stayed at my friends inlaws house. I hope I get to go back soon. It was a wonderful, but short, vacation!! Oh, and that was our Heath at the bday party! Im friends with Erin through church and sunday school and Heath and Hudson have become good buddies. They will also go to school together in the fall. I dont follow kellys korner, but I should start!! Hope yall are doing well. We missed seeing you guys at the wedding :) Oh, and I will be up in Charlotte visiting a friend at the lake sometime next week. Maybe we can catch up!

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