Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Jack

Dear Jack,

What a weekend you had.
You played in your first ever AllStar tournament.
Four games in two days.
A.L.O.T. of baseball.
Defensively- you held your own.
Offensively- not so much.
You struggled at the plate on Saturday.
It was hard to watch.
At times I had to close my eyes.
And then during the 2nd game Saturday you hit one into the outfield, scored two runs and made it to base.
I quietly choked up under my sunglasses.
It's hard to watch you feel defeated.
But- you battled back and hit much better today.
Unfortunately they threw you out most of the time, but hey- you hit the ball.
No more strikeouts. It's not your thing.
Yesterday, while playing right center at the top of the 5th, you caught a line drive with runners on base.
It was huge.
Mega huge.
Proud moment for your momma.
Today, you threw someone out from your knees.
Now- let's get hitting again and you'll be golden.
You guys won the tourney.
4-0 for the weekend.
Another trophy to add to your collection.
It was a lot of fun to watch.
You are having a blast.
Making lots of new friends.
I hope you cherish these memories forever.
When you're 37 - sitting at the ball field watching your own son play ball on Father's Day- you'll remember.
Remember these fun times.
These memories.
These friends.
This summer.

I love you.


Until next time....

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