Thursday, May 5, 2011


This Thursday means...

  • one child celebrating her 'summer birthday at school' with cupcakes from this VERY talented friend. They are simply gorgeous.
  • another child home 'sick' for the 2nd day in a row. I say 'sick' with a smile b/c he's really fine. Slight fever yesterday and dry throat meant a trip to the DR and a strep throat diagnosis. He's totally fine today and has been running errands with me. He always wants to know what I do while he's in school- well, running errands is a big part of it.
  • one Dad at the Quail Hollow golf tournament with clients. It's a beautiful day for it too. I went with a friend on Tuesday and it was lots of fun.
  • a whole family missing our sweet Swisher. He's spending a few days w/ his Paa Paa while we have lots of people in town this weekend for a Pig Roast.
  • one mom who's wiped out from the extensive Target trips, numerous grocery trips and a boat load of errands I've run this week to get ready for our fun weekend. (I know- tough life!)
  • I'm baking a cake. Yes- a real cake with layers (Angela- you'd be proud). It's really just a couple of boxes of Duncan Hines baked, cut and stacked w/ Betty Crocker frosting. But still- I baked for Eli- who turns TWO today!
  • I'm making a strawberry pie. The strawberries are just too delicious not to.
  • one family of four who is anxiously waiting another family of five to arrive from Kentucky this afternoon for three days! We cannot wait to see them.
  • I am thankful our air conditioning is fixed upstairs after 6 days.
Let's hope next Thursday is not quite as eventful!

Until next time...

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