Monday, May 2, 2011

Bits and Pieces

It's seems almost impossible that it's May 2nd. Seriously it felt like days ago we were sledding down the hill at the Siskey Y during a southern style snow storm in January. Where has the time gone?

And it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon-- I cannot wait until summer starts. We are not overloading on camps this summer, just enjoying some good old fashion down time this summer. And hopefully we will see lots of the beach as well if baseball doesn't eat up too much time.

So for the bits and pieces:


Riley has three and a half weeks of school left. Yes- only three and a half weeks. Then she's out until early September. Seems like a long summer but it always flies by. We received our bills today for our first payment of next year! Arghhh. I still can't believe we have one more year of this. But alas, seeing firsthand this year how the 'older girls' in the class stick together and the 'younger girls' stick together I know we made the right decision for Riley.

Jack is in the homestretch too, only 5 1/2 more weeks for him. I can tell he's getting antsy. Homework is taking longer and his attention span is getting slower. He'd rather be outside throwing balls against the side of the garage then inside adding money, finding adjectives in his reading or sorting words. Frankly, I don't blame him. And bedtime? Forget reading at bedtime. We're squeezing that into afternoons. If he doesn't have a game he's outside until dark hitting balls and playing catch with Todd.

Swisher: I need to take some more pics of him b/c he sure is getting big. I swear we either lucked out or have trained him well. I have even started leaving him crate-less for short bursts of time during the day and he's been fine. He doesn't chew anything- unless a random shoe is left out. He likes to dig though. It's almost painful to see what he's gotten himself into if we leave him outside too long. But I guess that's what comes w/ having a puppy.

Baseball: Today is the first time since last Tuesday that we haven't seen a baseball field. We've had two practices and 4 games in the last 5 days! They both are really enjoying their teams and are both learning a lot. Jack's been working hard on hitting- his weak spot- but he played great defense for both of his teams this weekend. Riley seems to be enjoying it more and more every game and never complains about having to go. I think she enjoys the attention on her when she plays. Having an older brother who is so into sports is probably a tough act to follow for her but she's finding her own way and we are super proud.

Unfortunately the next three times they both play it's at the exact same day and time! That's a huge bummer but we'll work it out.

Here's a few pics of their last games.

Until next time...

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