Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy Week

Ri's dance recital is next weekend. She had pictures today and rehearsal on Tuesday. She has two more rehearsals - way too much in my humble opinion.

Riley finished up t-ball last night. Her team did well and Ri improved a lot this season. I hope she keeps playing in the fall- we'll see.

Although Mother Nature doesn't quite say it's summer time yet, it may as well be around the Milligan household.

For starters- we're hovering in the low 90's all week. Sweat rings accumulate easily.

The pool bag has taken up permanent residence in the laundry room- always filled w/ sunscreen, chips, goggles, pool toys, a football and other thingamajiggies.

The kids have already had fun w/ their friends in swimming pools twice this week.

Riley finished preschool yesterday- oh boy. She won't see the inside of a classroom again until after Labor Day. Yikes. She had her program and we spent about 11 minutes at the park before sweating to death and then having lunch w/ some of her friends.

Until next time...

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