Thursday, October 14, 2010


I've been watching the miners down in Chile nonstop. With all the 24/7 news that's BAD in this world, it's nice to pay attention to some GOOD news for a change.

It just reminds me of other times in my life that I can recall being glued to the television:

**OJ Simpson chase (was living in Myrtle Beach- waiting tables)**
**9/11 - was teaching 4th grade- again, living in Myrtle Beach**
**Princess Diana's death (post college)**


School is going well for both kids.
The girl drama in Ri's class has settled down. For some reason I think it's only the beginning of girl drama that Ri will be involved in. She's actually learning things. She can write most of her letters- finally.

Jack's school conference was this week. He was picked to work with the Talented and Gifted teacher once a week. I am thrilled about this b/c our school doesn't 'pull out' for gifted kids on a regular basis until 4th grade. I am hoping they'll do the same with math- but we'll see if it's 'in the budget.'


Only two more weeks of baseball for the kids.
Actually- Ri finishes up next Saturday. Her team party is this Saturday.
Jack has a double elimination tournament the last week in October.

Speaking of sports- we signed Jack up for basketball. Maybe this year- since he is a whopping 2 1/2 inches taller- he'll make some more baskets. We moved him over to the Y so our friend can coach him.

He also wants to play Lacrosse. There's a clinic by our house for 8 weeks that we're thinking of putting him in. There are no games- just instruction on how the game is played.

I know. I know. Let the kid have a break from sports. But- he loves it. So why the hell not. He's made it clear he never wants to play football so at least that's one sport he won't be signing up for.


How to Train Your Dragon comes out on DVD tomorrow, finally. You better believe I'll be buying that one. What a great movie- and a great life lesson to learn as well.

That's it for now.

Until next time...

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