Monday, September 27, 2010

Disney World

Well- we made it. We are at Disney World.

This place has everything. Everything but the Internet.

Go figure. Seems there is no WiFi at the resort we're staying at. Well- except for the conference center. Who's going to hang out there? Now- the Marriott around every corner has WiFi- but not the Polynesian. We have to plug in some ethernet cable (can we say 'ancient') and pay $9.95 for 24 hours. They rake you over the coals for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Maybe that's a sign- telling me I should 'unplug' and give my husband and family my undivided attention. Well- kids are in bed before 9:00 tonight. We are getting up early to have breakfast with Cinderella tomorrow and our dinner show ended around 7:00 tonight. So that means early bedtime. Todd and his parents went to see a fireworks show near our hotel. So that leaves me with two sleeping children and a slow internet access.

Kids are having a blast. I love it here and I think, just maybe, that Todd is having a little bit more fun that he's willing to admit (right Gretchen?). Except for the heat there are no complaints. Luckily the people who designed this place made nice long rides inside so we get a reprieve from the heat quite a bit! There are virtually no lines for some rides and we have yet to need a fast pass. The most popular rides we've gotten on in 20 minutes or under. So thankful we decided to come in September. The double stroller we borrowed from friends has been invaluable!

So for tonight I'll post some pics from our first day, yesterday. And maybe another day I'll divvy up another $9.95 to post again: or wait until this weekend when we get home.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie

Gotta love a four year old little girl who LOVES Mickey and Minnie on TV but when given the opportunity to meet them in person clams up. And just about freaks out.

Jack rode his very first roller coaster.

And we all got to drive the cars in Victory Circle.

And of course the obligatory picture of the castle.

And a fun carousel ride.

Ears. Took her about 10 minutes to decide which ones she wanted.

Jack meeting Pluto. Riley? No chance.

After taking a quick break to unpack our stuff we hopped back on the Monorail and headed over to Epcot.

I was shocked at how much I loved Epcot. I actually think it's much cooler that Magic Kingdom. Lots of fun rides and learning going on.

We ate dinner our first night at the Coral Reef- basically a restaurant inside an aquarium. The food was nothing to write home about- but it was fun watching the sharks, fish and other fun sea creatures swim around while we ate.

After dinner we hopped on a great ride:

It was like being inside Finding Nemo. Ri loved it.

We spent some time in the aquarium area having fun w/ the quizzes.

One of the best parts in the Nemo area is Turtle Talk. Crush, from Finding Nemo, 'talks' with the children. It's magical how they make it work and Crush is so silly. The kids loved it and the adults scored a few laughs as well.

Until next time...

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