Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Look Back

Sometimes I get in a blogging rut- can't think about much to write about. I have a case of writer's block right now, for

sure. (Not sure why it's double spacing here :( ). So- since I can't come up w/ anything 'original' to write about- how about a look back. These are fun for me. Life is passing me by quickly, too quickly for that matter.

Here are three posts from August of 2007 (in backwards order). The comments in red are my thoughts from today, August 2010.

Back 2 School

Preschool starts one week from today for us. (Horray!). Now I am looking forward to 1st grade starting for Jack. I remember these days- excitement for preschool starting for Jack. I went to the adult only Open House last night. It was the exact same hurrah we've heard the last two years (no sick kids at school, don't leave purses in cars, etc....). I have gotten wiser in my old age- I will not be attending this years. Waste of time. I was able to meet Jack and Riley's teachers, which was the main reason I went (and of course to sign up for the "mandatory" parties). We go back this Thursday morning for the kids to meet their teachers. Ri and I will do this again this year- hopefully for the last time. We'll see.

Jack's teacher seems super nice. She's a retired kindergarten teacher w/ grandchildren of her own. I have heard that she's fabulous and does lots of neat things w/ them. Jack is ready to learn so I am looking forward to a great year. I looked around the room and noticed lots of calendar stuff on the walls, which made me happy. He didn't get any of that last year and is totally ready (always asking, 'What's today Mommy?'). Funny to read this now b/c I don't think he learned a whole lot in his 4 Year Old classroom. She was super nice- just didn't do a whole lot academically. Thank God he went to TK.

Riley's teacher also seems super nice. She is young and this is her first year. Her room was super cute and all ready to go. There is a table with six yellow seats that the kids eat snacks and lunch in. She said they go outside too, which should be interesting since RiRi just started walking (still crawls some) and some of the other little ones aren't walking. We LOVED her. She was amazing. Her teacher this coming year is great too. Just a bit older.

They'll figure it out soon enough. I am just looking forward to two mornings a week being able to get stuff done. HA! Now I'll have 5 mornings a week. I'll be at Jack's school quite a bit so it won't really feel like I have all that time.

Sooo, a few more days and they're off to school. It's been a long summer and we are all ready for a change.

We're off to the beach this weekend for one last frolic in the sun.


Across the room

That would be-

walking across the room.

Yes- our daughter, Miss Lazy Bones herself, just walked across the room, without prompting from me, on her own.


She'll be 14 months on the 29th, so don't you think it's about time?

She's been taking a few steps (2, 3, 4 or 5 at best) periodically this week. Sometimes we prod her along, other times she just does it by herself.

Just thought I'd let ya know. Funny to read this now. I vividly remember this day. We were in the playroom and she walked from Todd to me and then never went back!! Oh- the memories.


We decided to try soccer again. Last fall I bought Jack some soccer socks and shin guards but they were too big, so he went with just sneakers. Well, this time he is ready. I even bought him some Umbros, remember them? Takes me back to high school.

Today was supposed to be the first day. Jack was so excited. Last night he tried all his stuff on and bounced around on our bed like a kid on Christmas morning. He wore his soccer shorts to summer camp today. My kid was excited, to say the least. I picked him up a few minutes early from camp to get him home so he could nap (the camp this week tires him out, thank God). We were all set. I even had a sitter lined up for RiRi because the high today was set to be around 100- brutal.

2:20 this afternoon my phone rings. Caller ID says, YMCA. I knew what they were going to say before I even answered. Soccer was canceled today due to extreme heat. Smart move, but Jack was upset. He was really looking forward to it. So- I told him we'd play tonight. After dinner, homemade pizza made by Todd (yummm), we headed outside. Jack in his sneaks, shin guards (he keeps calling them wind shields) and soccer shorts, me in my Crocs and Todd in his bare feet for a little game of soccer.

Yikes- this seems like AGES ago. He was NEVER into soccer. At all. We all know what his first love it (well- maybe it teeters b/c golf and baseball).

What fun it is for me to look back. Too bad I don't have as many pictures back then as I do now.

Until next time...

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