Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunscreen and Diving Boards

I'd love to know how many times I've put sunscreen on the kids this summer.

I'd love to know why the 'spray' sunscreen costs sooo much more than the regular stuff- but doesn't last worth a squat.

I'd love to know if either of my children has ever peed in a pool. (I bet money that Jack has. Not sure about Ri.)

I'd love to know why on Earth my parents let me do backflips into a SHALLOW pool when I was growing up.

I'd love to know how on Earth I survived and never broke my neck during one of those flips.

I bet you'd love to know why oh why I take so many dagummed pictures of my kids swimming.
(Truth be told- I love outside pics the best and it's been wavering between 90 - 98 degrees since early June. Not much we can do outside besides swim.)

I'd love to know what the H E Double Hockey Sticks we would do in the scorching heat if it wasn't for the pool.

I'd love to know how Jack is going to react to school starting again in four weeks from Wednesday.

I'd love to know if the kids can tell which foot belongs to Jack and which foot belongs to Riley.

I'd love to know where my girl got the guts to start jumping off the diving board (sans floatie) and swimming all the way to the side by her lonesome.

I'd love to know who Jack's teacher is for 1st grade!!

I'd love to know a lot of things.

But for now- I'll keep enjoying my summer with the kids. It's quickly disappearing. Bittersweet.

Until next time...

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