Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Over

I seriously cannot believe that my first born finished Kindergarten last week. It makes me feel so darn old. It seems like weeks ago Todd and I were assembling his stroller, buying his diapers and smooching his chubby cheeks.

No more chubby cheeks. Our boy went and grew up on us.

I could not have been happier with his first year of 'big kid' school. His teacher was amazing. She was a passionate, caring, loving teacher who truly cared about Jack. She pushed him to his limits (at times) and encouraged him to be the best he could be.

Last fall Jack was asked to come back and read to his transitional kindergarten class. He was excited because he'd just mastered his first 'real' book: Green Eggs and Ham. He read that book with poise and confidence and I was thrilled for him.

That seems like ages ago. His reading went through the roof this year. He's reading chapter books now and loves Nate the Great and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. His teacher said his fluency is very high but we've got to work on comprehension and retelling. I am not surprised b/c comprehension was my biggest weakness, still is. He reads at a higher level than he can understand, which is ironic.

So- we'll be working on this throughout the summer together. First grade will be a lot different, I am sure. Homework will start to become a bit more tedious and I can only imagine school won't be as 'fun' as it was this year.

All in all this year was a success. Jack made a lot of friends this year and hopefully some of the same boys will be in his class next year. Now we're in summer mode: swimming, sports, camps, friends, late nights, family and most of all: fun! :)

A look back:

Meet the Teacher

First Day of School



New Friends

Jack's Teacher

Field Trips

Lots of Celebrations

Jack's Favorite Time of Day: Recess

End of the Year Program

We are super proud of you Jack and love you so much!!

Until next time...

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