Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finally. He lost it.

Well- two months ago, exactly, Jack had his first loose tooth.

Now he has his first LOST tooth - if that makes sense.

It's been hanging by a thread for a few days but I am not pulling any teeth- that's for sure.

Yesterday we went to the park with several friends. One of Jack's good buddies was there and his mom is a dentist. I told Jack to show Carrie his loose tooth.

He walked over to her and she stuck her fingers in his mouth and twisted that ittty bitty tooth right out of his mouth. And Jack didn't even realize it. The blood coming out of his mouth didn't even phase him.

This is big news in our house. Jack's pretty much the LAST one to lose a tooth out of all his friends and now he can officially say he has lost a baby tooth!

He wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, asking her to leave his tooth for him to keep. Todd and Jack put it in an envelope for Mrs. Tooth Fairy!

Until next time...

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