Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This and That

Well- Jack has his first ever loose tooth!! Two of them- I think. He bit down on a granola bar this a.m. and complained of it hurting so I took a look and seems like those bottom two are loose. FINALLY. At just 12 days shy of being officially 6 1/2 years old it's about darn time.

He asked for a baggie to take to school today just in case they fell out today. I had to explain to him that they MOST likely were NOT going to fall out today, but soon.

And- I won two RAFFLE items at Ri's preschool. It's the third year I have won something- this year I won the big doozy- one month free tuition!! YIPPEEE. As Todd said- it's about time I saved this family some $$.

We hit the park yesterday w/ some buddies- it was 70 degrees and downright gorgeous. I brought a bag of donuts so they weren't sitting around our house anymore and the girls went to town on them (of course Ri would!)

Until next time...

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