Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Difference

Jack hasn't always known what to do with a golf club....

(I first wrote this almost three years ago to the day)Turning Pro

Jack received his first ever set of golf clubs from good friends Eric and Kris way back when he was only a few days old. They hung from the door in his room for a long time and eventually Todd and I busted them out, "posed" some pics of Jack "golfing" at 4 or 5 months and then a few months later. Eventually these clubs, plastic, were used to actually golf. He would hit with his hands backwards and swing over and over until he hit the thing. If he missed too many times in a row, he'd get frustrated and throw his club. Typical male, huh?

Over time, these clubs broke, we'd push them back together or buy new ones. They'd go to the beach with us, be used to hit friends or used in a not-so-friendly game of tug-a-war. Todd's been working with him on how to hold the club correctly (yeah- right) and he's finally gotten the "swing of it." No pun intended.

It's been fun to watch his transformation as a little golfer. Todd and Jack have been hitting balls in the yard for a long time now and Jack has finally learned patience and will listen to Todd's coaching, most of the time. It's cute, he'll set up to the ball, wiggle his little size 8 feet into position (although half the time he's barefoot), look at his target, check his grip and then swing. Usually, he makes a connection. Most of the time he hits it pretty straight and can hit it 30 - 40 yards on a really good swing. About half the time he gets a little air under the ball.

So, yesterday, Todd had just gotten home from a quick business trip to Vegas and had a little money to burn (he was about $100 over for the trip) and decided yesterday was the day for Jack to retire the plastics and get some real clubs.

Talk about an excited three year old. We headed to Golf Galaxy and bought the "Red Level" kids set. (Which means the smallest set of clubs made). Perfect. It came with a bag, putter, driver and seven iron- all terms Jack knew nothing about- for a whopping $99.99. We ended up paying $85.00 or something b/c it was on sale. Whew.

We head home yesterday and hit the yard, camera and video recorder in hand. You'd swear we were recording his first steps, but hey, Tiger has early years video, we need some!

Within 24 hours, Jack's learned to carry his own bag, how to "adjust his grip" and what a driver, seven iron and putter all can do. Adorable I must say. I, personally, was worried the clubs would be too heavy, but he can handle his own. He loves it. We need to work on taking care of the clubs, but he's got it down.

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