Monday, March 15, 2010

Number Two

Beach trip number two for the spring was this past weekend. We went in February, now March and will return for the kids spring break the first week in April. I love this time of year because it's nice enough to enjoy the beach during the day and just a little nippy at night.

We spent the larger part of Saturday down on the sand. We built sand castles, dug massive holes and trenches for the ocean water to travel in, played football and bocci ball, enjoyed a picnic lunch and enjoyed hanging with friends. The kids had a great time: two boys Jack's age and two girls just about Ri's age. It was fun watching them play together and everyone GOT ALONG! YEAH. Overall it was a great weekend.

Three more weeks until the next trip!

Until next time...

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JLMattson said...

Great minds think alike! We were at the beach too....don't ya just love it?

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