Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In full Swing

So baseball practice is already in full swing. It actually started a few weeks ago. We have had a few practices cancelled due to weather but we've made them up and the team is gearing up for opening day next weekend.

After a bit of anxiety the first day he seems to love it. The boys on the team are a great bunch of kids and the coaches are awesome. They seems to genuinely love the game and teaching them the ins and outs. It's a much different 'feel' then t-ball but Jack is holding his own.

We went and had him measured and finally broke down and bought him a decent bat yesterday for the first time, along with a cup!!! YIKES.... They aren't messing around anymore! We picked up a chest guard too b/c it looks like he might play the pitcher position some of the time.

Of course Riley loves being out there in the thick of it. She palls around with the siblings and there is a little park area for her to run around on.

The nights are long- running past 8:00 sometimes- but it's worth it. Nothing like seeing your kid be challenged and him rising to the occasion. Love it! He has a long way to go, but it's just the beginning.

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