Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Anatomy of a Game

Jack's first game was yesterday. They did awesome. In fact- the game stopped after one hour and four minutes because of the 10 run rule after four innings. Kinda a bummer because Jack only had two at bats but I get why they do it. Jack's team, the Braves, won 15-2. Jack went 2 for 2, singles both times. He played pitcher (not really pitching, but playing that spot) twice and outfield twice.

So- here's game day:

The Wiggle: a little check on the loose tooth in the car before heading out to practice.

The Warm Up

The Dugout

The Pep Talk

The PreGame Stance

The On-Deck Warm Up

The Hit

The First Base Stance

The Run Scored

The Mouth Guard

The Play

The Grab w/o a Glove (bad move!)

The Throw

The Baseball Ready Stance

The Home Plate

And Ri had a great time as well... she found her good buddy Ethan from her class and they had a blast!

The Line Up

Another one Tuesday night.

Until next time...

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