Monday, June 1, 2009

10 years ago

Ten years ago I:

---had just finished my masters program in elementary education.
---met Todd two and a half months prior.
---moved in with Todd about three weeks prior.
---was waiting tables at Damon's at the beach.
--- was searching for an elementary school teaching position.

Nine years ago:

--- had just finished up w/ my very first year of teaching.
---was teaching summer school.
--- was getting loads and loads of beach time.

Eight years ago:

--- had been engaged for less than two months.
--- was heading up to the Vineyard w/ Todd, my mom, and mother-in-law to plan our wedding.
--- was taking lots of writing classes.

Seven years ago:

--- was getting married. (Happy Anniversary honey!)
--- was about to spend an entire week in Bermuda.
--- had just bought my first house w/ Todd.
--- had just moved to Columbia, SC to teach 7th grade English for my former 7th grade science teacher.

Six years ago:

--- was six months pregnant with Jack.
--- knew I was having a boy and was decorating his room.
--- had finished my first year teaching middle schoolers. Yikes.

Five years ago:

--- 'retired' from teaching.
--- was watching Jack crawl all over the place and amazed at how fast he was growing.
--- was getting ready to move to Charlotte, NC.

Four years ago:

--- was ready for number two. But was going to have to wait!
--- LOVED keeping up with Jack, by them almost two!
--- spent lots of time at our neighborhood pool.

Three years ago:

--- was weeks away from having my little Riley Monroe.
--- was packing and getting ready to move into our current home- when Ri was four weeks old. Crazy.
--- was TIRED.

Two years ago:

--- was planning Ri's very first birthday celebration. (Now I am planning her 3rd. WOW)
--- spent lots of time in the pool and at the beach w/ the kiddos.
--- had been married 5 years already.

One year ago:

--- was about to send Jack to TK- one of the best decisions we made.
--- was watching Ri enter in to her terrible two's- that have lasted an entire year! Argh.
--- did more of the same: pool and beach.


--- lovin' life.
--- headed to beach on Wednesday for a week.
--- going to a high school graduation in Myrtle Beach this Thursday for my all time fave student.

That's about it. Whew.

Until next time...

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