Monday, March 9, 2009


We've had a busy few days, to say the least.

Poppy and Gammy came into town on Friday afternoon. Of course they brought Lacey with them and the kids had a great time playing w/ the new puppy. We grilled out Friday night and had a nice time.

Saturday rolls around and Jack wakes up feeling sorta yucky. His first T-ball practice is Saturday morning so we were wondering if he was having a bit of anxiety about it. But- come to find out- he's still having tummy issues from the antibiotic he was taking for the sinus infection. Great.

I quit giving him the medicine after four days because it was ripping his poor stomach into shreds but it took until Sunday to get out of his system.

We went ahead and went to T-ball and he weathered through, getting upset towards the end. Little did we know that his stomach had turned against him in the middle of T-ball, poor thing.

Fortunately he began to feel better yesterday and we spent the entire day outside planting, playing, organizing and more playing.

Saturday night we went to see Elton John and Billy Joel. It was amazing. We almost didn't get in though. Seems that BJ and Todd printed out the same four tickets from their online site and when we gave the usher our tickets he said they'd already been scanned just minutes before. Thank God for cell phones: Todd called BJ up in his seat and he came down and they were able to figure it out at will call. We made it to our seats just in time.

They played for 3 1/2 hours. It was unbelievable. Everything from Tiny Dancer to We Didn't Start the Fire to a really long, rockin' version of Rocket Man to Piano Man. Plus loads in between.

This week we've got tons going on too so it's no rest for the weary!

BTW- Ri's eyes are fine. She pussed all day on Friday. I got some eye drops from my neighbor and she cleared up quickly. But- yesterday she had puss coming out of her ear. Thankfully we have antibiotic ear drops and she has tubes so that did the trick, with a little Motrin.

I hope that all the sickies have left our house and mommy can start getting some MUCH needed real sleep. I am dragging today and feel a little under the weather myself. Hopefully w/ some sleep tonight I'll be good to go.

Until next time...

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