Monday, March 16, 2009

Three years ago

Three years ago this is what our family looked like:

Yikes. Was I big or what?
Jack was quite the baby- or looked like one at least. He was 2 1/2. It just seems to me that he was so young looking back then. Both of these pics were taken over Easter weekend 2006. I'll never forget that day w/ Jack on the beach.
Todd and Jack were holding hands and 'wading' in the water. The water was still pretty chilly for SC standards. Next thing you know a wave pummels Jack and he's knocked to the ground. He took it like a man- so to speak. It did take a loooonngggg time to get all of the sand out of his curls though.
Todd looks a lot younger too. It's only been three years but still- it seems more than that. He buzzes his head now (or I do it for him) so maybe that puts a few years on him.
Of course I still look a chipper 21. NOT! Seriously though. Could I be any fatter? Thank God for exercise b/c that was about 50-60 lbs ago.
Anway- that's it.
Until next time...

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