Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could be trouble.

The books are packed.
The portable DVD player is packed.
The snacks are packed.
Lots of milk packed.
Play phone packed.
Raffe is ready.
Flip flops are ready to be worn.
An extra set of clothes is packed.
Crayons and paper are packed.
Still need to grab some candy, just in case.

Why? You ask.

Are you going on a trip?


Ri is headed to the allergist this afternoon for her fire ant venom test. Ouch. They will prick her over and over until she shows a reaction. For real. If no reaction occurs w/ in 90 minutes (I think that's what the nurse said) then she's not allergic.

I will be shocked if she's not allergic b/c a few weeks ago she had more hives from ONE fire ant bite.

Her appt. is at two. She's snoozing in the car right now and has been for an hour. I hope she keeps on snoozing until we have to pick Jack up at 1. Jack's going to my neighbors house to play w/ Evelyn so he doesn't have to be tortured too.

So- wish us luck.

Oh- and Jack has his VERY first T-ball game tonight since Saturday was rained out. And Daddy can't make it. So- it might prove to be a very interesting afternoon and evening w/ the kiddos.

Until next time...

I am so excited for this afternoon. It will be loads of fun.

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