Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crack of dawn

So it's 6:21 a.m. and we're already up and ready to start our day. Ri has a problem w/ sleeping past 6:00 lately. On a rare occasion (once a week or so) she will let us sleep past 6:00 but other than that she's raring to go.

The crazy thing is she went to be late last night b/c she took a long nap yesterday. So- you know what that means: nap today. It's a cycle I would like to stop. In my ideal world (yeah-right) I would like her to sleep 7 pm to 7 am w/ no nap. No naps are needed- just a nice, long night of sleep. Maybe one day this will come to fruition, for now, the early bird wins.


We're taking Jack to a really cool birthday party today down at Panther Stadium. One of his buddies from school that he's going to be playing T-Ball w/ is celebrating his 6th birthday down at the stadium. I am not sure what they're going to be doing but it should be fun. We're all going- even RiRi. She really likes Jack's friend too, even has a little crush on him (I think so at least.)


Todd and I are going to see Slumdog Millionaire tonight. I've heard so many great things about this movie. The Oscars are tomorrow night and it's up for lots of things. It will be nice to get out of the house w/o kids.


Last night we resurrected movie night in the Milligan household. We used to do this w/ Jack when Ri was a bit younger since she used to go to bed at 6:00. I don't know why we haven't done it in a long time, but last night we had nothing going on and Ri napped so we knew she'd be up later so it was a perfect night to watch a movie together.

After dinner we made popcorn, blew up the big air mattress, threw on our pj's, turned the lights on and vegged out w/ Madagascar 2. I would say we made it about 30 minutes into the movie before Ri started getting antsy. Jack passed out before the movie was over and Ri lost full interest after about an hour.

Thankfully we've seen that movie many other times so it was no big deal.


It's cold, cold, cold here again. The two weeks of high 60s and low 70s are a distant memory and we're back to 'winter weather.' The local weather geniuses are calling for a wintry mix tomorrow. We shall see. As long as we have school on Monday- that's all that matters. The carpet guy is coming and Lord knows I can't have them running around while he's trying to clean the nastiness out of our carpet upstairs.


That's about it for the Milligan household.

Until next time...

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