Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beach Trip Number Two

This past week we headed down to DeBordieu- only two more weeks until football tryouts (with two more weeks of baseball to go as well) and then we can't do much traveling so had to get it in while we could. 

We did our usual - beach time, fishing time, family time, and ate lots of yummy food. 

Jack went out on a fishing trip with Poppy and two of Poppy's friends. 
They caught lots of fish - and even a loggerhead turtle - which they promptly let go.  

Mr. Moon even let Jack drive the boat for a while.  


Dinner!   Black drum and red fish. 

Riley has actually gotten really into fishing as well - she's not obsessed like her brother but she certainly enjoys it when we're at the beach - she even catches fish and handles them on her own.  

Lots of selfies on my phone lately of Miss Priss.   So funny to find these gems... cutie pie. 

 On Wednesday we drove down to McClellanville and had lunch at this super cute place - very rustic, adorable and YUMMY.  Everyone loved their meals.  

And of course we had lots of beach time- thankfully my kids love going to the beach because I sure do.  

Riley started to come out of her shell for sure this trip.  She always been timid in the ocean - even petrified of it when she was young.  But she started boogie boarding and actually had a lot of fun.   These pics were at low tide but on the 4th the waves were big and she had a great time boogie boarding.  

Haddie couldn't get enough of the ocean - riding waves over and over and over again.   So thankful for my beach babies.  

Until next time...

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