Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Lots of time when I post pics on social media of Hadley I use the hashtag - #beastmodehadley.   She just barrels through life.  At time she can be sensitive but for the most part she's fairly rough and tough.

She has soccer shots again on Tuesday's this spring and when i tell you she crushes them ALL that is not an understatement.  There's one little boy that can keep up with her but the rest of them don't stand a chance.  

But- not only does she kill it with her skills she is also a REALLY good listener, follows directions all the time, doesn't cry for us when she falls down and cheers for her teammates.  So many important life lessons for her to learn - even at such a young age.  

I enjoy watching her crush the competition and also be a great sport.   (Even though she gets mad when she doesn't score a goal at the end when they play actual soccer for 6-7 minutes).  

Always, always listening attentively. 

So happy to be doing her thing. 

Ready to go. 

She is literally the first one out there every single time- she cannot stand to lose and will push anyone out of her way to get to the ball first.  

Falling down?  No problem - she gets right back up and keeps at it. 

See that look of concentration?

So cute!   

In other news- it's March - which means March Madness around this house.  I am currently leading our family in points.  I am the ONLY one who picked South Carolina to beat Duke.  

Ummm- yeah.  It's a fun time to be a Gamecock.   I am obsessed with my Twitter feed right now - It's filled with Gamecocks news and updates and pics.  Love it! 

Saw this pic on my Facebook feed today- Jack's middle school offers yoga on Tuesday and Thursday before school and some of Jack's friends have decided they'd like to try it.  Can you see Jack (#39) and his buddy Calvin to the right of him?   Looks like they need to continue taking yoga and improve that flexibility.  

And Jack is in the throws of his biggest science project of the year.... building a Rube Goldberg contraption thingie.

Yeah- Todd's got this one.  

Riley went on her field trip to Raleigh today.  She should be back anytime.   Sounds like she had a great time.  

Big weekend on the soccer field this for Ri this past weekend.  Four games- four losses.  Oops.  They played up with the top division and clearly weren't quite ready for that.  They're undefeated in their division but from the looks of their play this past weekend they're not ready to make the jump yet. 

Haddie pretending my camera charger is a phone and she is 'voice texting.'  (No joke). 

Until next time....

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